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How To Achieve Life Success?

Earl Nightingle defined “ Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal ”

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Life Success


The definition of Life success varies among different people. Some might say that success is achieved when we hold the highest post in a company and earn big money whereas some might have different perspectives on how success is achieved.

I like to think that success is more like a journey. It is the realization of our worthy and predetermined goals and will eventually lead us to career and life success.

Achieving Life Success !

To achieve success, we need to spend time, effort, energy and resources to equip ourselves with important core values and beliefs, attitudes that shape our lives, knowledge, skill-sets and ability to do great things in order to achieve the success we are all yearning for.

Our attitudes control our lives. Our attitudes determine the altitude of how high we want to reach the pinnacle of success.

The first step to achieving success is by setting goals be it long term goals or short term goals. Setting goals are an important tool for every individual because it gives your clarity on your end vision of what you want to achieve in life. The most important part of goal-setting is knowing what it is you want. Once you decide what you want, write the goals down on paper.

Goals setting must be SMART Goals. It must be specific, measurable, actionable , realistic and timely. Besides that, it is  important as it drives us forward and help us be the best we can be by achieving our highest potential.

The second step is that you need to have an activity plan of how you are going to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  All these goals setting and activity plans mean nothing unless you take “ Massive Actions”  to do the things that needs to be done to achieve the success.

Last but not least, believing in ourselves is very important for us to succeed in our careers and life because it does not only help boost of confidence and ability but it also motivates us in believing that we have infinite possibilities and that each of us too could and can achieve great success and do great things.

Here’s to your Life Success!

The future is great… the future is you… and you are the key to your great future “.

I hope you have enjoyed my sharing. To your personal development and life success,


By Michael Tay

Financial Education – Why It is Important To Plan Early for Your Retirement Needs?

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Why Financial Education And Planing Early For Your Retirement Needs Is Important ?

When is a good time to plan for your retirement? The earlier you start to do your financial planning, the better. Why? Because you have one major advantage on your side…. that is your precious valuable time. And time…. does not wait for no one. You use it or you lose it.

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That is why I keep encouraging my kids and young adults to to learn financial education and start their financial plans as early as possible. In fact, they should start saving from their first paycheck or salary that they receive. Otherwise, they will continue to work for money and not making their money work for them.

One is never too young to start planning for your financial retirement. In fact, most people often wait too long to start saving for their golden years.

Why plan early? By starting early and sticking to a sensible, long-term retirement saving plan not only helps younger people better prepare for retirement, it sets the foundation for sound economic decision-making throughout their lives.

When you plan early, you are making Time your friend to overcome any unexpected rainy days….. Also, you are using time to minimize the impact of inflation and you can take advantage of compounding effect to grow your wealth.  All investments need Time to grow…that is why you have to start saving and investing early.

If you do not start early and you procrastinate, this procrastination can result in more aggressive (risky in other words) investment strategies that can leave older investors more vulnerable to short-term fluctuations in the market that diminish their retirement savings.

In the next segment, I will share 5 important financial tips to get you started early on your retirement planning.

The future is great… the future is you… and you are the key to your great future “.

To your financial education and success in your retirement planning!

I hope you have enjoyed my sharing. To your personal development,  success, financial education and abundance. :-)

By Michael Tay

Personal Development, Self-Help and Financial Education – Socrates Theme Member Site of the Month!

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